Math and movies by Greece

1. Eteros Ego (The other me)

Presentation and Trailer of the movie

This movie connects Pythagoras’ friendly numbers with a series of crimes, which the police try to investigate and find the serial killer.


2.  Video entitled «What does making mistakes in mathematics mean? »

3. Documentaries of the Educational Television on the history of mathematics

«Big personalities in mathematics and science»

4. Students work in groups on problem solving and exercises related to numbers.

5. Video: Mathematics and Art from Ancient Greece

6. Video: How to make tessellations

7. Students work in groups on coloring tessellations and making their own based on the mathematical properties of geometrical shapes.

8. History of mathematics in the Spanish Cinema

Presentation of Galois theory& history in mathematical equations.


9. History of mathematics in the French Cinema

Comment  j’ai détesté les maths

10. Students work in groups on creating Mobius strips and hearts of Mobius strips according to directions.

11. Students work in groups on making cartoon stories related to math history.


Math love and harmony