Meeting European Cinema - Erasmus Cinemaths festival

To present the French National Cinema, the French team focused on comedies and showed extracts of famous French movies. Some of these scenes were played by multinational teams during the meeting. The Erasmus Cinemaths Festival included interviews, shows, acts with French students as masters of ceremonies and multinational students as guests. Awards were attributed and each school received a Palme d'Or designed and 3D-printed by French students from Lycée Carriat.

Before 1960

Welcome at the first Cannes Erasmus Festival ! During this night we will make a trip back in time from before the 60s to 2010 ! You will discover a lot of amazing guest and a lot of films from the French culture. So I know that you can't wait for the show so : Please Ladies and Gentlemen welcome.... and let's start with the award of the best early film. A movie directed by Louis Lumière with François Clerc as the gardener and Léon Trotobas as the boy: L'arroseur arrosé.

During this amazing show we will present awards and also discover stunning and very famous scene like we are going to do now. The next film was directed by Julien Duvivier and it is entitled Le petit monde de Don Camillo. In this film from 1952 you can admire on of the most famous French actors Fernandel. I know that you can't wait to see the extracts so please stage manager put the film!

Now let's talk about an excellent film. It is from a book written by Marcel Pagnol and it is entitled Marius. I'm happy to show you a scene in real time, we have the actors with us so let's encourage them ! 

Have you ever thought about holidays on a beach ? Have you ever thought of spending time basking in the sun ? Don't lie ! I know that everybody prefers to be near the sea now than being here in Denmark ?! I think it's a good introduction for : Les vacances de Mr.Hulot, a french film made by Jacques Tati in 1953 so please let's watch the trailer of this wonderful movie !

Our journey back in time before the 60s is finished, I know you would like to see more recent films so I leave you with the next host !


Ladies and gentlemen, let's move on to the 60's/80's which are outstanding decades in the history of french comedy !! We'll start with an extract from «La guerre des boutons » (or "the buttons war"), directed by Yves Robert in 1961 which is a very classical cute but violent French comedy. This is the story of 2 groups of children living in two neighbouring villages. They are fighting for buttons because if they lose them their parents will be angry. So, let’s watch !

Now let's talk about Louis de Funès and Bourvil who are amazing French actors. The first one is remembered for his high energy performance and his wide range of facial expressions and the second one played roles of gentle and well-meaning characters who were often a bit obtuse or naive. The second one is very famous as well and he’s a very good comedian but his name is “André Robert Raimbourg” and it is because he spent his entire childhood in the village of Bourville that his stage name is “Bourvil”. Have a look:

The third extract is about « Pierre Richard », the best clumsy actor ever. He plays an awkward secret agent in the movie « Le Grand Blond avec une Chaussure Noire » which means the tall blond guy with one black shoe. Enjoy!


Who has never cheated during a test? What have you done? Ok but I'm sure that you had never been as inventive as the students you'll see now! Fourth Extract This movie was directed by Claude ZIDI in 1980. This is the story of really low achievers. They’re trying to pass their “A levels” but the only way they can succeed is by cheating, no other option !!So let's watch "les sous-doués passent le bac" (or "the dunces take their A-levels")

Now, finally, a blockbuster of the 80s and a favorite of all generations. "Les bronzés font du ski". They're a group of friends who met at a summer camp holiday and are meeting again at a ski resort in winter. In the scene that you're going to watch, they are having a taste at local customs... Short extract directed by Chloé And now is the time to award the palm... And the winner is "les bronzés font du ski"! A big round of applause for these brilliant actors !


Now, let's talk about movies of the period 1980-2000.

Directed by Luc Besson in 1988, with more than 9millions tickets sold since its release, this masterpiece receives the oscar of the Best Musical Sound Movie. Ladies and Gentlemen, a round of applause for Le Grand Bleu!!! The music was composed by Eric Serra. This movie is the 39th most popular in the world. We can also thank the principal actors : Jean-Marc Barr, Jean Reno and Rosanna Arquette.

Thank you. Then for the César of the first movie, a warm round of applause for Les trois Frères !! This comedy was realeased by Didier Bourdon and Bernard Campan in 1995 and played by themselves and Pascal Légitimus.

In third position, we are giving the cesar of the Best Editing to Taxi !!!  Indeed, this action movie and comedy was directed by Gérard Pirès and Luc Besson in 1988. Played by Samy Naceri, Frédéric Diefenthal and Marion Cotillard, this movie is really appreciated by the audience because of its easy sense of humor.

And finally ladies and gentlemen, the one you waited the most. Because this comedy was the biggest hit of its time, we would like to offer it the Oscar of the best movie of the year, please everyone, make a huge flood of applause for Les Visiteurs played by our group of actors !!! clapping + play Realeased in 1993 and directed by the good Jean Marie Poiré, this fantasy and science fiction movie is the best of its category. With Jean Reno and Christian Clavier as main actors, instant hillarity is guaranteed.

Thank you everbody for your support, but the night isn't finished yet ! Enjoy.


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to this new period 2000-2010 years of this Ceremony of the Cannes Festival !!!! I’ ll be your host, and I’m so proud to be with you !! let’s begin this ceremony with the first congratulations. I’ll award the best Comedy of this decade, please applaud this great movie filled with giggles and in a good mood, please an ovation for La Tour Infernale Montparnasse !!!!

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Gorgeous, it’s a good thing to see this film awarded !!! Then, let me award a beautiful young girl, an admirable woman, an exceptional actress, the best of these 10 last years. She played in the movie « La Môme », applaud as ever previously Marion Cotillard !!!!


Now, Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome ........ for the next Palm. ......... : the next film awarded is a unique movie, full of feelings, which translates a wonderful story, accompanied with magnificent music and with a fantastic cast!!! Famous in France but also in all the world, please congratulate The fabulous Fate of Amelie Poulain and its director Jean-Pierre Jeunet !!!!!!!!!

Yeah you can still make an ovation for this masterpiece of cinema !!! Then we will award the last film of this fantastic night that I spent with you. Now, they come from the North of France, they love stinking cheeses and speak strangely, please a round of applause for the authentic Ch'tis !!!!!! Heelloooooo everyone !!! That's so nice to be in Denmark with you to award our favourite film, the one we love, if you haven't seen it, you must see because it's the funniest film ever and the best Comedy of the 10 last years : Welcome to the land of Ch'tis !!!!

And now, applause for the team of Le Petit Nicolas. Thank you so much for this great movie!

That is the end of a wonderful time with a really nice audience, I want to thank all of you for coming here, want to thank all the people who worked to organise this ceremony and all the people of the cinema who play and offer us such beautiful movies every year. Good bye to everyone and I leave you with Emma for the next and last decade !!

After 2010

Hey everybody ! I’m just so glad to be in front of you tonight ! It’s an honor for me to present one of the most famous movie entertainment in France… Well, Let’s start without delay with the first movie in contest for the “Best comedy of the last 5 years” : Michel Hazanavicius knew that the stakes were high but this is not what could stop him. He broke the 21st century movie codes and directed one of the best black and white movie ever. With the 45 years old French playboy Jean Dujardin and the irresistible Berenice Bejo, the movie could only work. So ladies and gentlemen some applause for “The artist”.

Wow, wow, wow… What a surprising movie isn’t it? And this choreography! Fabien Ruiz deserves an Oscar! I’m just in love with it… and one thing could be amazing… Perhaps Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo could do us a favor tonight? Can you come on stage and tap dance especially for us ?


And let me add something… don’t you think that the soundtrack is amazing ?Yeah I’m sure you did, is Ludovic Bource in the room ? Please my friend come on stage ! And there, is the Oscar of the “Best sound track for a comedy” for you !
Ludo : Thank you very much ! I could never have succeeded it without all the love from my family and also all the people who made it possible. Thank you Michel because without you, I would never have achieved all this success thanks my friend !

Congratulation ! Let’s now talk about the second movie in contest, a movie where anyone can shed a tear, a movie where anyone will let slip a smile or a laugh, a movie so authentic which shows perfectly that anyone, no matter his origins or wealth can become lovely and helpful. It also shows that a disabled can be as normal as anyone else. A real cultural shock… Please, make some noise for “Intouchable”!

I truly love this film, but not only the film ! Come on girls, don’t you think that Omar Sy is so handsome ?! Well, everybody, some applause for the “Best 2017 french actor” ! How do you feel right now ?
Omar : This is pretty amazing ! I would like to say a massive thank you to everybody in this place ! My mum, mummy I love you, my dad, my brothers… Thank you everyone and thank you Charlotte.

But let’s now talk about a completely different kind of comedy. It made more than 12million French people laugh, it was the best 2014 movie in French box-office and believe me, it deserve it ! A story well imagined with a cultural shock between a Christian family which must face the wedding of their 4 daughters with husbands from other religions. I invite you to make some applause for “Qu’est ce qu’on a fait au bon dieu” !

We are so blessed to welcome Christian Clavier and his wife, in the movie of course, Chantal Lauby. 
Hello ! how are you tonight, how do you feel ?
Chantal : We are so happy to be there with you… (Chris recieves a phone call)
Chris : I’m really sorry it’s Ségolène ! hello baby, I’m sorry I can’t… WHAT ? You gonna get married with a Chinese boy ? But Odile will with a jew are u kidding ?! and, my sweatheart, tell me that Isabelle could cheer me up with a good christian ? An Arabic ? You said an Arabic ? I’ll call you back.. Hi honey, you, you also get married ? and what’s the name of the elected ? Charles ? and he is christian ? I could not be happier ! I’m so happy, I love my life … black ? what do you mean ? Jesus, he’s black !

Well, let the last movie take place ! French people either love or hate this movie. But between you and I, the ones who don’t are not really funny… It perfectly represents the cliché of French Northern people and more precisely the people that we qualify as “beauf” or “brother in law”. A pretty hilarious movie which nevertheless lets us think about a life having some billion euros… A lot of noise for Les Tuches !!

 Wow, they definitely killed the style ! And this wouldn’t be more perfect without the lovely Aurélie Rogemond, who win tonight the Oscar for the “best 2017 costumes for a comedy”. Come next to me my dear !
Aurélie : I can make you a new dress if you want ahah ! Seriously, I thank everybody who believed in me and in my colorful world ! Thank you ! Well everybody, I’m so sad to tell you that the entertainement is already finished ! This night was amazing by your side and I really want to thank you ! You deserve the Oscar of the “best public in 2017” ! But before leaving you, I’m gonna announce the winner for the “best comedy of the last 5 years”. The votes were close but we have a winner. Ladies and gentlemen, make a thunder, a storm, a shower of applause for “Les Tuches” !! I invite each of you to come on stage, thank you everybody and have a good night, see you next year !