Math and movies

"Cinema and business"


The Spanish movie: "Concursante" has inspired us to work with trade.
In ancient time people exchanged natural products, but it was a problem to trade when people wanted to buy things of maybe higher value. It must also have been a problem to sell all the crop in the summertime, if you did not want to exchange the crop into something the other person had.
Value of different things arised. 
Natural products were exchanged and a need of keeping/saving value made people develop coins, security and bank notes.
Teaching  Design: "Trade and equation" and "Security of value".
Step 1: Trade and equation
  1. Watch a short extract from the "Concursante"
  2. Trade and equations - solving equations with items on a template - including two equations with two unknown - making equations for each other - solving equations in Geogebra - solving equations with pen and paper
  3. Make up a story and create a short movie where you demonstrate how equations are needed in trade.
Step 2: Security of value
  1. Many movies are about robbery or making fake money. Here you will watch a short extract from the Danish movie: "The Olsen Gang"
  2. Watch a movie from the Eupean Union about safety and money
  3. Look carefully at a 20 Euro banknote 
  4. "Things of value". Make a powerpoint presentation with pictures showing the development from natural products to money.

Teaching Design: "Visiting the cinema" and "Costs and filmproduction."


For this task I recommend that you use material from "The International Union of Cinemas". What do you find interesting in the annual report. 
Collect relevant information and make a presentation about cinemas and movies in our four countries. Do we have anything in common?
Step 1: Visiting the cinema
Costs in Cinemas.

Going to the cinema is expensive. Watch this movie from Greece:

  1. What does a cinema ticket cost in the four countries?
  2. Compare the prize with the prize of one liter of whole milk in the four countries.
  3. Compare the costs in the different countries.
Sometimes you feel prizes are way too high. Watch this movie from Greece:
  1. What other expenses do you have when you visit the cinema? (Cola, popcorn, candy).
  2. Compare the prizes for popcorn in your countries after calculating the content of the different boxes?
  3. What is the profit for the cinema when the sell popcorn?

Visiting the Cinema, how often do you go?

  1. Statistics: How often do you go to a cinema? Compare with national and European statistics.

  2. Key figures for cinemas in Denmark

Step 2: Costs and filmproduction
  1. Which is the most expensive film produced in your country?

  2. How much did it cost?

  3. Compare with each other.

  4. Which movies from the other countries have been shown in the respective countries? Do you know any of these? - klik on the line and there is a link to you.