Costs in Cinemas

Going to the cinema is expensive. Watch this movie from Greece:

  1. What does a cinema ticket cost in the four countries?
  2. Prices for cinema tickets:

    France: 8 euro

    Denmark: 12 euro

    Greece: 7,50 euro

    Spain: 7,80 euro

  3. Compare the prize with the prize of one liter of whole milk in the four countries.
  4. Compare the costs in the different countries.
Sometimes you feel prizes are way too high. Watch this movie from Greece:
  1. What other expenses do you have when you visit the cinema? (Cola, popcorn, candy).
  2. Compare the prizes for popcorn in your countries after calculating the content of the different boxes?
  3. What is the profit for the cinema when the sell popcorn?

Visiting the Cinema

  1. Statistics: How often do you go to a cinema? Compare with national and European statistics.

  2. Key figures for cinemas in Denmark