Trade and equations

Inspiration from Spain: 

In the movie Concursante, there is a scene about trade and value of different things.

Mathematical theme:    1. equations
                       2. two equations with two unknowns

Templates for working with equations: (These are printed and laminated)
  1. Equations and value - explanation.pdf (1891029)
  2. template for simple equations.pdf (9241)
  3. template model.pdf (262895)
  4. template two equations and two unknown .pdf (170595)
  5. equation with two.pdf (34433)
  6. Inspiration-equations.pdf (39509)
  7. Geogebra two unknown.png (87605)
  8. Pen and paper.JPG (1691581)
  1. Play with the items on the templates.
  2. Built equations for each other - rotate among the teams - we will guide you.
  3. Use Geogebra and draw the equations there to solve the problems.
  4. Show each other how you work with equations in your respective countries using pen and paper.
  5. Make up a story and make a short video where you demonstrate how equations are necessary in trade.
Products of the soil - exchange of goodies - but these could not last - rot away.
Values: pearls, feathers, shells, metal (silver, gold) 
Securities - (værdipapir)
Make a presentation with pictures and a short text, where you show the nescessity and development of money.
You can watch the movie: The history of money in ten minutes below.
You can use padlet or create a power point presentation.
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A powerpoint presentaton about the teaching method.