How math is seen in movies: 

"How math classes are seen in movies."

Some precisions about the French topic "How maths is seen in movies" in Spain (Maths & movies activity)

French students are selecting among maths scenes from and those who are
- from EUROPEAN movies (not only our four countries) or co-production with at least one European country 
- interesting in the way maths is represented (boring / amazing / magical / difficult /fun, etc.)

After that we will include your selections of maths clips and organise all the selected clips so that students can debate during the meeting.

For example, we will put together different scenes with maths classes and prepare some debate questions about students feelings in class, and / or we will put together some clips with different people very clever in maths  and prepare questions like "being good at maths ... does it mean being a nerd or a geek", etc.

Of course, these are only ideas as I don't know which scenes my students are going to select and which scenes you're going to send us but I hope you'll get the idea.

The participates from the other countries can have a look at both websites and check if there are some movies from their country.
The participants from the other countries can also send some scenes of movies from their country showing maths classes, maths teachers, people using maths in their work, in daily life, using maths wrongly, etc.