Math teachers and mathematicians

Extract from Comment j’ai détesté les maths (2013- France)


  1.            → How are mathematicians considered?

Extract from La moutarde me monte au nez (1974- France)


DISCUSS            → What is the teacher like?

                                                          → How does the girl with glasses and plaits feel?

                                                          → How do the majority of students react?

Extract from Det Forsømte Forår-Matematiktimen (1993- Denmark)


DISCUSS            → What is the teacher like?

→ What are the student’s feelings?

→ What about the class’s reaction?


DEBATE about these three extracts:

→ What image do you have of math teachers and mathematicians?


ACTIVITY: Within your group, play a short film involving a maths teacher or a mathematician.

Send the link to your short movie to


Video about the topic made by students

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