Math games

Rounding up game made in the program: Scratch
Game two of rounding up - catch the correct numbers - made in the program: Scratch


Game Taboo for mathematical concepts.

               Cards that each card has a word of mathematical concept or mathematical     

               definition. Students work in groups to describe the mathematical concept to others

               groups, but each card has 3 words that couldn't use in description. If students find

               the word , select 10 points and continue to describe to others the word of other

              card. Winner is the team that will have more points.


*      Understanding mathematical definitions, while students collaborate in groups and they try to describe and explain mathematical Knowledge, included in cards.

*      Getting experience to English language.

Problem Solving mathematics.

       Most of Greek movies include " easy" mathematical problems. Mathematical 

         Problems, that we use them in our daily life.

         Students work in groups to solve mathematical problems of worksheets.

Problem_Solving.docx.pdf (127458)

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