Links to short parts of the Danish docusoap "The luxury Trap"

1. Assorted Expenses which went crazy: hairdresser, nail polish, hair extensions, botox, silicone breasts, shopping (16th of April 2015)

  • Nanna believs she spends about 400 Euros a month - the advicer says she spends 2100 Euros every month!

2. Brian spent 7500 Euros on number games: (11th of March 2015)

  • The advicers show Brian how much money he wasted! Brian hope to win to be able to pay off all of his debts, instead......
  • They also show how expensive it is to take a quick loan.

3a. A child without insurance (11th of March 2015)

  • Julie and Daniels´s son is without insurance, because the parents spent all money on luxury things as hair extensions and tatoos

3b. Budget for Julie and Daniel (11th of March 2015)


4. Lone spent 300 Euros every month on Games on Facebook! 3th of September 2013


5. Consumer Boom! (17th of July 2013)

  • Shopoholic - expensive devises - luxury as massage - break of contract