European Quality label - we are proud and happy!




Quality label

Dear Ulla Lambek.

I write to you because you have been awarded with the National Qualitylabel for your Erasmus+ projekt: “Cinemaths Paradise”.


Here is the somments froom the eTwinning Desktop:

A very nice and well completed Erasmus+ project. There has been a high degree of cooperation both among teachers and students. The project has encouraged both teachers and students to explore how Math is a major part of our everyday life through the media of film. 

The students have been given a lot of responsibility and many of the activities in the project have encouraged the students to interact and be co-creators. The project has used many different creative ICT tools.

Twinspace has not been used so much but in return a very nice website has been made as a showcase of the projects process and outcome.


I allow myself to cc our eTwinning webeditor on EMU’en, John Kraaer. We would like to present interesting projects fro other teachers. Your project is excellent and the idea about using instruments from movies in teahcing math is exciting, innovative and different. I am sure others can get inspiration from you, so I hope you will sent information about the project to EMU’en.


Once again congratulations with your National Quality label.

Venlig hilsen

Birgitte Herrmann


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