A presentation of our school and our country

The second mobility meeting will be in France 8th till 14th of Mai 2016

Hello everyone !


I’m proud to speak with other euro class Students today to show you the program you will follow in our country. We have all here learned about the ERASMUS project,  a European project with Denmark, Greece, Spain and France. Our Country is very proud to have foreign  students because in Lycée Carriat every type of nationality is welcome and we are glad to meet people from all horizons.

The program will start on Monday  9th of May 2016, first we will welcome you at 8 am , then Mr Calmant the deputy headmaster of the vocational part of the school will speak to you in Danish/Greek and Spanish at 10 am, After this beautiful speech you will have a little breakfast with all of us to know each other as European people . Then we will visit the whole lycée and then we will go for a lunch! Next our Spanish partner will make us do some activities about CINEMATH

On Tuesday , The Greek students will show us the movie “Agora” from 8 am to 12 pm . At 12 we will have a break until 2 pm .Then it will be the turn of Greek students to make us do activities about “ Greek Cinema”. At 3 pm We will make you visit Bourg en Bresse  to show you the monuments and the history of this city, in a fun maths trail . And finally from 7 to 9 pm we will have a dinner at school and we will interview some parents .

On Wednesday, The Danish will show us their activities about “Danish Cinema” from 8 to 12 .

On Thursday , we will spend the whole day in Lyon , we will visit it and discover museums , parks and we will also discover the Old Lyon .

On Friday ,It will be our turn to show you our activities , we will show you a movie and then, we will do a lot of activities . You will see the rest when you come here so I hope this message helps you and we are excited to have you.

                                                                                                                                                                              Hicham Bounoua 2nd17 – EURO Group