Geometry in movies

1.- Geometry Problems based in movies

9 Maths word problems or exercises inspired in fragment of European movies or short movies:


2.- Cinema and Ratios. The Golden mean in Cinema:

Exposition of how ratios (proportions) are part of the Cinema, specially the Golden Ratio and its relation with the Rule of thirds.


Videos as result of the activity – Recreation of a scene from the movie Cinema Paradise, using the Rule of thirds


3.- Inspirations


This activity is based in a short movie called Inspirations. This is a short Spanish movie created by computer. The director of the movie, Cristóbal Vila, was inspired by Escher, a famous Dutch graphic artist and the movie shows how his workplace could be. He imagined what things would surround an artist like him, so deeply interested in science in general and mathematics in particular.

Link to solutions:

4.- Designing posters


A movie poster is an important element in the promotion of a film, but sometimes is a piece of art piece itself.

In the last years minimalist art has become more relevant, we can appreciate it in the design of company logos, packages and publicity. We can notice it also in the design of cinema posters. Minimalist art uses the minimum number of elements and they are presented in plain colours. As part of the simplification, the shapes are used approximating them to regular simple shapes.

So it is possible to design the poster of a movie using only a few geometrical shapes, as we see in the examples. Now you will see other examples and you will have to guess what movie would the poster be related to. Finally it is your turn to design. We will use the computer to design posters for some European movies.

We will give you a list of films, so you can choose between them.

Use your imagination and design great posters!

List of European movies:

Example of results: