Meeting European Cinema 

Program of activities of Greek team : Nikos Christopoulos, Sonia Tsolakou, Christina Plastira, Erato Rapakoulia , Katerina Chatziargyri, Odysefs Pantelakis, Alkimini Zania.


1.  Presentation of country of Greece.

  • Photos and basic characteristics of our country and our culture.

2.     Presentation : Greek Cinema

  • «Golden age of Greek cinema».
  • Famous Greek directors.
  • Famous Greek actors.
  • Famous Greek movies.

3.     Mathematics in Greek movies.

Clips with mathematical Knowledge in Greek movies.


4.     Activities : Students collaborate and work in groups :

Activities with mathematical Knowledge that included in movies.

  • Rounding off numbers

Two Interactive activities with mathematical software Schratz.

  • Game Taboo for mathematical concepts.

Cards that each card has a word of mathematical concept or mathematical definition. Students work in groups to describe the mathematical concept to others groups, but each card has 3 words that couldn't use in description. If students find the word , select 10 points and continue to describe to others the word of other card. Winner is the team that will have more points.


Objectives: Understanding mathematical definitions, while students collaborate in groups and they try to describe and explain mathematical Knowledge, included in cards.


Getting experience to English language.

  •  Problem Solving mathematics.

Most of Greek movies include " easy" mathematical problems. Mathematical

Problems, that we use them in our daily life.

Students work in groups to solve mathematical problems of worksheets.


5.     Music and dances in Greek movies.

  • Presentation : Dances and Music is a basic characteristic of Greek Movies
  • Let’s Dance !!

Dances will be part of Greek film (scene with the corresponding song). We have select 3 songs and 3 dances.

Sirtaki of Zorba Movie

Xasapozerfiko with song of Greek movie : “ I am the best student in my classroom”

Zebekiko : famous dance in Greek.

Students will teach to other students Greek dances and we will dance all together


6.     The end is a SURPRISE!

Students have written a scenario to show “ Maths in our life” .

They have prepared a short movie.