Working title by Denmark (at the first mobility meeting in Spain, January 2016)

"The Luxury Trap" 


The "docusoap": "Luksusfælden" - "The Luxury Trap" 

has inspired us to the Working Title Tasks presented by Denmark in Spain, January 2016.


A popular docu-soap in Denmark is named "The Luxury Trap". It is about people who do not know how to keep a budget.They keep on taking consumer loans, they spent way too much money on luxury and have ended up with an enormous debt. Now professionals offer them advice.

It is compulsary, a part of our curriculum to teach students about budget and loan. We can see part of the "docu-soap" and we can learn math from these.

I do hope the participating countries have similar docusoaps which easily can be adapted and used as inspiration in math lessons as "Luksusfælden"(DK).

Bolig = Housing   Øvrige faste = regular outlays  Transport=Transportation  Mad = Food

Program for the teaching module at the mobility meeting in Spain.

  1. Icebreaker:
  2. Arrange students in teams.
  3. Introduction to the task - What is "The luxury Trap" all about.
  4. Watch small parts of "The luxury Trap" (in Danish - as none of them have been translated :o( - Sorry!
  5. Create a "word cloud" in : After watching one of the series of "The Luxury Trap" the task for your team is to find as many words as possible to describe and explain why things can go so terrible wrong. (Only single words - not sentences)
  6. Prezi about the task - what is this all about.
  7. Work in excel - learn about loan and savings.
  8. Play BANKO

The luxury trap excel.xlsx (14311)

vocabulary lux.doc (921088)

The concept of "The Luxury Trap"

There was a time when people used to save up in order to afford something new, - that is not the fact anymore! Today we want to have it all in the half the time. Danes borrow money like never before, and the debt on credit cards, consumer loans, overdrafts, etc.. skyrocketing. Even young people have the most expensive furniture, designer clothes, cars, luxurious and latest fancy technology.

It may take a long time to settle climbing debt. But in the program ”Luxury Trap” selected candidates have the opportunity to get it over with their luxury debt and even get a few tips along the way so they do not wind up in a similar situation.


Participants must be 18 years old of age and have minimum 2000 Euros debt on credit card, loan, overdrafts facility etc.

Before the program starts the participant tell the host and viewers how much money he or she owes in debt and why. During the program professional give advice about how and why things must be changed to get rid of the debt.